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Why Should I Sign up?

Every time you shop and use your My Neighbourhood Rewards APP on your Mobile phone (IOS APP and Android APP ) or your membership card, you can earn valuable points.

  • Earn points with each dollar you spend at one of our partner locations.
  • Earn additional points on featured products, or by hitting a Shop & Earn Bonus Level.
  • The more you spend, the more points you will earn!
  • Redeem your points for FREE GROCERIES and more...
  • You can redeem your points directly at any of our partner locations in return for My Neighbourhood Rewards Gift Cards you can use for free groceries and more.
  • You can also redeem your points for any other gift cards available at our partner locations, including gift cards for restaurants, retail apparel stores, sports & entertainment companies amongst many others.
  • You can also use your points as a donation to one of six local charities supported by each of our partner locations - see instore for further details.

Download the APP and start saving today. Non-mobile phone users may also register for a membership card in-store at any of our partner locations.

To earn additional points and savings, link your card to other members in the same household.

Points will be added together and may be redeemed by any card linked to the main account holder.

Apply now on your mobile device or visit your local store and start Earning valuable points today!

Register for your My Neighbourhood Rewards program today!

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